Redefining Safety: in DC and beyond

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DC Black Lives Matter

DC BLM left the global network in 2020. DC BLM joined #BLM10 to demand transparency and accountability from BLM Global. The local chapter is separate.

Current activities include coalition work on No More Stop and Frisk and action to Decriminalize Poverty (#DecrimPovertyDC).

Defund MPD

DefundMPD is a multi-faceted coalition working to turn uprising into lasting change.

DC Police Reform Commission

Thorough report, of April 2021, “Decentering Police to Improve Public Safety,” was largely ignored by DC Council, despite the Council’s mandate for the commission and report.

Read full report here.

List of members and meetings.

See also We Act Radio’s conversation with Bethany Young, who directed the commission’s work.

Safety Summit

Safety Summit, from February 2022, by DC Justice Lab, Harriet’s Wildest Dreams, and National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens. As of June 2022, DC has seen little movement on the legislative matters outlined in February. Details of the legislation, why it’s needed, and where Councilmembers stand on it is easily accessible at SafeandFreeDC.

Harriet’s Wildest Dreams

HWD is a black-led abolitionist defense hub begun in early 2021. Work includes legal defense and work for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals, Ida B. Free; political advocacy and action, Ella’s Emancipators; and organizing to build local power and decrease the power of the carceral state, Harriet’s Responders. The above “safety summit” is just one of HWD’s accomplishments in its short history.

National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens

The Reentry Network, founded in 2010, helped create the Feb 2022 “safety summit” and works on issues important in DC as well as other communities around the country.

DC Justice Lab

DC Justice Lab, founded in 2020, focuses on police, prosecution, and punishment as it researches, mobilizes, and advocates for large-scale changes to the criminal legal system. They helped organize the “safety summit,” draft and advocate for DC legislation, and provide related education in ways that work for legal scholars as well as those without special legal training. See We Act Radio’s conversation with Bethany Young, who is the organization’s Deputy Director (linked again above and again here).