Rereading Exodus along the Anacostia

Rereading Exodus along the Anacostia: Some Lessons of Cross River Dialogue. Charnice Milton Community Bookstore, 2022. The paperback is now available through CMCB’s Bookshop — where 30% of all purchases, on our “lists” or not, goes to support literacy work in DC area. Ebook is available here.

Excerpts plus related selections from Recounting Exodus along the Anacostia.

We must work to understand what it means to be in this “Narrow Place” and how we’re going to get ourselves — all of us – out. The bible’s Book of Exodus is a valuable tool in this urgent work, which white folks, in particular, must undertake. And soon.

title, "Rereading Exodus along the Anacostia" position over outline map of DC, with "Anacostia" on diagonal east of the river, and other words above=west

Image is book cover: stylized map of Washington DC emphasizing rivers with book title: Rereading Exodus along the Anacostia.

News, Views, Pews, and Air Waves

Virginia Spatz reported — regularly in some years, less often in others — in Capital Community Newspapers, including the Hill Rag, Mid-City (DC North), and East of the River for 25 years. She wrote the regular monthly news for East of the River for several years, a series on spiritual communities and another on DC’s “Special Police.” In addition to News, Views, and Pews, she helped produce and served as feature reporter for The Education Town Hall for We Act Radio and hosted Community thru Covid.