Partial List
“Cain Discovers Infinity”; “Japheth and Son,” Living Text, The Journal of Contemporary Midrash, The Institute of Contemporary Midrash, (Volume 6, 1999).

“Drawing Back” in Rebecca Schwartz, ed. All the Women Followed Her: A Collection of Writings on Miriam the Prophet & the Women of Exodus (Rikudei Miriam Press, 2001).

“Surviving Smallpox,” “Out the Window: Female Activism During the Revolution,” and “Family Feud: Loyalists Versus Revolutionaries” The Adams Family – Cobblestone, (November, 1993).

“Scat and Improvisation” Louis Armstrong – Cobblestone (October, 1993).

“Early Jewish History” Judaism – Calliope, (March/April 1994).

“Statues in Ancient Greece” Science Fiction: The Wondrous and the Real – Odyssey (September 1994).

“Conferences and Events: Full and Equal Enjoyment for All Participants,” ACED Advisor: The Journal of Conference and Events Directors-International 2 (1990):11-14

“Computers and Equity,” Equity and Choice 1(3):52-54 (Spring 1985)

Recent Hill Rag, DC North and East of the River articles on local issues — such as education and economic development — are available in PDF and some html a Capital Community News. Ancient ones, from my earlier (1992-1994) stint writing about community issues, are not.

“Worm-Hole Aliens, Mikveh, and the Akeda,” Living Words: The Best High Holiday Sermons of 5760 [2000] (published at and available here)

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