Conversations toward Repair

Series, broadcasting on We Act Radio, explores the many varieties of violence around us and the many forms of peace building and resistance available to us. In the works are conversations across borders, linking local and distant struggles, and raising issues that create conflict between communities. Some planned discussions will be difficult. It is hoped that all will be valuable and help us through debate previously gone wrong.

Trailer —

Intro Video: Alt Text and Sound Description below in this document


Segments available as podcasts through this site and other podcasting platforms.

On-Air Conversations

Episode 01 (September 28, 2022): Learning Peace, Undoing Violence

On the inaugural episode: Lashonia Thompson-El and Nneka Grimes of Peace for DC on that organization and its new DC Peace Academy and Netfa Freeman of Pan-African Community Action and Black Alliance for Peace on the International Month of Action against AFRICOM

YouTube broadcast. Images referenced during second segment can be found at

Alt Text and Sound Description for Trailer Video

Audio note: Only words in video are music lyrics. Beginning/closing instrumental. Robert Flack: “there’s a river somewhere; it flows through the lives of everyone.” Brent Peterson: “Do you draw the line between you and I, all that’s broken on the riverside.” citations follow.

Video is series of 8 images: 1) We Act Radio marquis above large glass windows; 2) Anacostia River, foreground flowers, traffic bridge above; 3) water flowing over rocks; 4) impressionistic world map with south at top; 5) DC poverty map, showing higher poverty east of the river; 6) DC flag w/police badges behind stars and blood dripping from stripes; 7) We Act front view with pane of glass replaced with plywood reading “evils of capitalism are as real as the evils of racism — MLK”; 8) We Act logo plus citations. Text added atop images of video reads: “So much needs fixing, around the globe and next door. It is time for We Act Radio’s Conversations toward Repair. Most Wednesdays, noon ET.”

Credits: Map is based on image from Yuri/Pixabay. Remaining images are V.Spatz/We Act Radio. Music: “Payment Blues,” Caffeine Creek Band, 2020 via Pixabay. “River,” Roberta Flack, 1973. Killing Me Softly album, Atlantic Records. “Clean Rivers,” Brent Peterson & Co, 2018. Used with permission.