Special Police and “Community Security”

Special Police/Security

DC has more “special police” than sworn officers of MPD.

DC Justice Lab page on #Justice4Zo

See also this background on Special Policing and Private Security in DC.

Congregational “Community” Safety

In addition to hiring private security and engaging with police, Homeland Security,and the FBI, Jewish congregations in DC and around the country regularly join in volunteer-driven security efforts. The organizations providing training and consulting to congregations are led by people in the security industry. Here’s a piece written a few years back about DC synagogues grappling with this issue: Is Our Blood Redder? Synagogue Security and Police Alliance.

More on this coming. Meanwhile, some links:

How a Secret Charity Helps Jewish Communities Feel Safe (2015)

NYC-based story on feeling safe for the high holidays (2018)

Philly-based story on “intolerance” and feeling safe (2018)

Community Security Service

David Dabscheck is a founder and co-president of the nonprofit Community Security Service. More information is at http://thecss.org/.

CSS was founded in 2007 by David Dabscheck, now CEO of the consulting agency GIANT Innovation, and Adam Sager, an Israeli army veteran who now heads the security company Canary. They recruited Friedman, a US Navy officer who has served in Afghanistan, as their first volunteer. Last year, Friedman became the first executive director of CSS, a nonprofit that runs on donations and foundation support.

Robert Shillman, a board member for CSS, helps fund Pamela Gellers’ anti-Islam hate group

Feature photo by Rosemary Ketchum on Pexels.com, “man wearing black officer uniform”

ID: White man, in Wheeling Wests Virginia police uniform, seen in profile, is watching two other officers detain (manhandle) an individual in the background.