News, Views, Pews, and Air Waves

Virginia Spatz reported — regularly in some years, less often in others — in Capital Community Newspapers, including the Hill Rag, Mid-City (DC North), and East of the River for 25 years. She wrote the regular monthly news for East of the River for several years, a series on spiritual communities and another on DC’s “Special Police.” In addition to News, Views, and Pews, she helped produce and served as feature reporter for The Education Town Hall for We Act Radio and hosted Community thru Covid.


East of the River News

She kept Ward 7 Connections blog as a related resource for East of the River news. (At the time there were several active Ward 8 blogs.) The blog remains with what is now historical material, including for a few unrecognizable views of, e.g., pre-Donatelli Minnesota and Benning.

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Views from the Pews

“Jew in the Pew” is a monthly series on worship communities East of DC’s Anacostia River appearing in Capital Community News’ East of the River magazine. “Spiritual Life on Capitol Hill” appears in the 2016 Fagon Guide. East of the River magazine is publishing a series of articles exploring worship communities in DC’s Wards 7 … Continue reading Views from the Pews

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