“Silence is a racial message”

"Silence is a racial message." Read "What White Children Need to Learn About Race" by Ali Michael and Eleonora Bartoli. Notes for #WhiteNESSHistoryMonth 4.7 Extending work of @CrazyPastor. Honoring vision of @PortlandCC Slideshow of Notes for Whiteness History Month

Demystifying Whiteness

"Historically, many White immigrants have been accused of marginalizing other White immigrants...demystifying the cultural complexity of people classified as White, and the hierarchy of groups created by racism, multicultural education will help White students understand their own history, as well as the fact that the current social discourses against diverse racial/ethnic groups are very similar … Continue reading Demystifying Whiteness

Whiteness as Property

"In James Madison's view, for example, 'property embraces everything to which a man may attach value and have a right'...Whiteness defined the legal status of a person as slave or free. White identity conferred tangible and economically valuable benefits and was jealously guarded as a valued possession, allowed only to those who met a strict … Continue reading Whiteness as Property