Racism: Sickness Unto Death?

“It is time to re-order our national priorities. All those who now speak of good will…now have the responsibility to stand up and act for the social changes that are necessary to conquer racism in America,” wrote SCLC president in a 3/4/68 press release, concluding:
“If we as a society fail, I fear that we will learn very shortly that racism is a sickness unto death.”

In the same press release – “DR. KING CALLS FOR ACTION AGAINST POVERTY AND RACISM CITED IN RIOT STUDY; POOR PEOPLE’S CAMPAIGN STARTS APRIL 22 IN WASHINGTON” – MLK called racism in the U.S. a “congenital deformity.”

Visit the King Archives for the full press release. See Where Do We Go From Here? for more. Both linked from “A Song Every Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. (Jan 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)

Notes for #WhiteNESSHistoryMonth 4.4

Extending work of @CrazyPastor. Honoring vision of @PortlandCC

Slideshow of Notes for Whiteness History Month


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