Conversations Toward Repair #4: Violence in Communication and in Silence

Guest: Dr. Natalie Hopkinson. UPDATED 11/8 with CORRECTED MP3 — SORRY!!

Conversations Toward Repair October 26 — CORRECTED UPLOAD

This week is the anniversary of the white supremacist shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue on Oct 27, 2018. We are also approaching the anniversary of Kristallnacht in November 9-10 1938, in which German Nazis killed Jews and destroyed synagogues as well as Jewish businesses and homes.

In addition, November 2 is the anniversary of the 1920 massacre of Black voters at Ocoee Florida during the presidential election. Our history also holds many other election riots, as well as white supremacist violence against Black, Asian, and Indigenous people and against labor, civil and human rights activists — incidents almost too numerous to count, and many at this season.

I wanted to begin by acknowledging that history, before we launch into a discussion of words which can sometimes seem separate from other happenings in our world.

I am very grateful to Dr. Natalie Hopkinson for being willing to wade into all this.

More information, including some links for further exploration, at We Act Radio.

3 thoughts on “Conversations Toward Repair #4: Violence in Communication and in Silence

  1. Hi Virginia,

    I hope you are doing well.

    I’ve been able to listen to your Conversation series through #3. Well done!

    This #4 show email is supposed to be the conversation with Dr. Natalie Hopkinson, but the recording that came with it seems to be a repeat of the #3 show with Bro Dr. Toyin Agbetu and Kymone Freeman.

    Thanks, Amy

  2. Thanks so much for listening and for correcting the upload error. Very sorry — file should be correct now. Thanks again for catching it

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